When people think of YouTube, they often think of videos that go viral, meaning videos that reach millions of views seemingly instantly. While it is certainly possible for content on YouTube to take off quickly, this is rarely the case with videos created as part of a small business social media marketing strategy. And, really, creating viral videos should not be your goal.

The goal of a small business YouTube strategy should be to effectively reach your target audience. So, think about what types of videos would be most helpful and interesting to your target audience, and then post those videos onto YouTube


  1. Use YouTube as a content management system for videos created by your company.

You may already have some videos created from commercials or product demonstrations you have done in the past. If so, be sure to upload these to YouTube so you can keep all of your videos in one spot on your channel.

Especially when you are first creating a YouTube presence, it will be unlikely for your customers and clients to go directly to your YouTube channel. Rather, YouTube can be a place where you post your videos and then link to them using other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or blogging sites.


  1. Build credibility by filming customer testimonials on YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy.

There’s no doubt that testimonials are powerful marketing tools. But did you know that video testimonials have been proven to be even more effective than written ones? One of the best ways to incorporate YouTube into your social media marketing strategy is by posting videos of customers and clients giving testimonials for your business and its products and services. Video testimonials are a great way to build credibility and trust among current and potential clients and customers.


  1. Introduce new products and services in short and simple YouTube clips.

Everyone loves learning about something new. There’s a natural excitement for something new that is coming. So, use the momentum that you’ll already have from a product launch or service upgrade and kick it up a notch by posting a video about it. You can even do this as sort of an unveiling to increase excitement even further.


  1. Introduce new faces on YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy.

If a new person joins your team or if someone changes roles, it is helpful to let your clientele and customer base know. A great way to do this is via a video introduction on YouTube that is then posted to other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Did you recently hire a new manager or service representative? Introduce him or her on YouTube so that your followers can put a face — and a voice — with the name.


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