So you’ve started a new blog for your small business. Now what? It’s time to think through your content and plan the content calendar. But what kind of blogging content should you focus on?

Web content varies from company to company because it is absolutely essential that your content is individualized to your company’s mission and your audience’s interests. In short, your blogging content should focus on what’s most important to your clients and customers.

Dynamic content is essential.

Much of your website will be static information, such as your mission statement, key personnel, contact information, etc. However, some of the blogging content needs to be changing / added content. The blog is where you go to increase credibility and to create new, interesting content that can then be pushed out onto your social media networks. This created content should vary week to week but should cover the most popular and relevant parts of your industry and related topics. Don’t be afraid to branch out and cover information that is about a related industry. The important thing is to provide information that is engaging.

Vary your topics for wide appeal.

If your small business is one that is focused on selling tires, you should blog about the best kinds of tires for different weather conditions. You could choose a different brand or version of tire each week and write a review of it, including pros and cons. Also you could blog about automotive topics. Or you could choose to talk about tire maintenance or recycling tires. The options are endless, but you don’t want to merely create content to add information. Rather, you want to think of what type of content your viewers would find interesting and especially which type they would be most interested in sharing with others.

It takes time but not as much as you think.

Finding this kind of content will take time. You could do focus group studies or log FAQs to start with. Once you’ve begun, however, tracking the results of the blogs you’ve posted is essential because the results are living proof of what’s working and what’s not. Don’t’ have time to study your audience in depth or need help writing the blogging content? VisionPATH can help you. Call us today for a free consultation and assessment of your blogging needs.

We’re here to help.

VisionPATH Business Solutions offers personalized consulting and advisory services to companies large and small. We have a long-standing reputation of providing honest, individualized advice to our clients. No matter your need, whether it is to capture new market share, to streamline processes and cut costs or to add services and grow your business, you can rely on VisionPATH to provide you with honest advice to help you achieve your goals.