Every business already has its target audience in mind. What does your ideal customer look like, where do they shop, and how do they connect to the product or service you’re selling? These questions are essential to developing your buyer persona: a profile of your ideal customer and the strategy you need to market your business directly to them. 

Your buying persona is crucial to your business for a number of reasons. It’s an opportunity to really get to know the people you want to utilize your business. What do they need, and how can your business help them fulfill that need? In developing your buying persona, you may find ways to improve your products or services to best appeal to that demographic. 

Even more, buying personas allow you to write more tailored, specific messaging to your most sought-after customers. In turn, you’ll be able to spend your money on the areas of focus that will bring you a continuous network of high-value leads and customers. By focusing your energy on these clients, you’re less likely to waste time and resources that can be devoted to other aspects of your business.    

How Can You Create a Buyer Persona for Your Business?

  • Develop your target audience: Chances are your small business has already done this, but use this opportunity to revisit the topic and make any necessary adjustments. If you haven’t already, get as specific as possible here. Who have been ideal clients for your business in the past? Their characteristics should line up with those of your determined target audience. 
  • Research their behaviors: Now that you have a group identified, now it’s time to research their commonalities. Look at their demographics, their shopping behaviors, their likelihood to take interest in your product, their specific problems and how you can solve them, and the ways they communicate. 
  • Create multiple personas: You don’t have to limit your focus to just one persona and exclude everyone else. Instead, group those with similar characteristics based on your research and use that to develop multiple personas
  • Engage those customers: Identifying how, when, and where to best reach each of your buyer personas. Do they prefer email, which social media profiles do they use most, and what type of internet searches do they do? There are so many ways you can communicate with ideal customers, but if your message isn’t tailored to their behaviors they may miss it completely.  

If you aren’t sure where to begin or if marketing is something your business isn’t doing well with, it may be time to seek outside help. VisionPath Marketing specializes in helping small businesses develop a smart, strategic approach to their marketing. We have more than 15 years of experience and a proven methodology to help you identify your buyer persona and attract those customers to your business. Visit our website today to schedule a free consultation.